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Sleight Of Hand

A Dr. Kyle Chandler Thriller - Book 3
My Story

Across a 30-year career in medicine, I accumulated plenty of wild stories and met more than my share of interesting characters. I always thought they might one day make for a good book. Then in 1995, when large insurance companies started muscling their way into the healthcare industry, providing a natural antagonist, I decided to put pen to paper. Or in this case, fingers to a little bitty vintage Dell laptop.

After a year of early-morning writing sessions, and two unsuccessful years of mailing manuscripts to dozens of publishing houses, the book sat on the digital back-burner for almost two decades. Inspiration struck again in the summer of 2019, and I set about revising and re-promoting the work. Through determination, persistence, and the help of my partners at White Bird Publications, I was proud to publish my debut novel Cut to the Chase in 2020.


 But that was only the beginning for protagonist Dr. Kyle Chandler, whose ongoing adventures now fill a series of medical thrillers following the thrill-seeking surgeon. Hidden Agendas debuted in 2022, and a third adventure, Sleight of Hand, is set to be released on February 29th!

Cut To The Chase

A Dr. Kyle Chandler Thriller - Book 1
Available Now!

"a thriller-cum-cozy mystery"

"surgical precision"

"a treat to the avid reader of action, humor, crime and deceit"

My Books

Hidden Agendas

A Dr. Kyle Chandler Thriller - Book 2
Available Now!
Hidden Agendas cover final_edited.jpg

"This novel had a Sherlock Holmes feel to it. A good man on a hunt for answers!"

"I was hooked from the first few pages."


James R. Tolbert III

Full Circle Books

Patti Leeman


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Carolina Mountain Life Magazine

Summer 2019 Issue

The best thriller novels with twisting plots matched with surprise endings

"​quick-witted characters and non-stop action"

"​...a Sherlock Holmes feel to it. A good man on a hunt for answers!"

"​entertaining and engaging"

"...a novel can be a buffet, should be, really. A bit of this and that, everybody will find something good. Dr. Craig's story is just such a buffet..."

"surgical precision"

"...It is an enjoyable read with well-developed characters and a good pace. I look forward to the further adventures of Dr. Kyle Chandler..."

5 Books to Read in February

"...a treat to the avid reader of action, humor, crime and deceit..."

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