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okcFriday: 'Cut To The Chase' Is Compelling High Drama Novel

In October 2020, the debut medical suspense thriller Cut to the Chase hit the market with a compelling high drama novel written by D. Marshall Craig, M.D., who retired from the medical profession and brings this book as a treat to the avid reader of action, humor, crime and deceit.

Puzzling events begin for the hero, Dr Kyle Chandler, the highly trained young surgeon whose life is as unexpected and as dramatic as any 9-1-1 call. His is a world of medicine plus major side interests in antiques, wine, budding romance. The ever-exciting Kansas City is Dr. Chandler’s home base and nothing escapes a chance for intrigue or his personal interaction with pillars of the community as well as high crime figures.

Because I have reviewed books for FRIDAY often, I want to be upfront in stating that even though the author of this book is an in-law, there is no home-cooking in my comments. The author, David Craig, moved to Tulsa after becoming board certified in plastic surgery, start a family and establish his practice for 25 years.

Retiring to North Carolina, he pursued an avid interest in all growing things by becoming a winemaker and vineyard manager for a boutique winery.

Not surprisingly, these interests allowed just the right amount of time to pursue his lifelong passion for writing fiction. Voila! Cut to the Chase.

To read it is to meet Dr. Kyle Chandler, a person of interest. Very, very interesting and books are now available at Full Circle Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

The second book in this series is already in the mix.


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