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Charlotte area news: Review

Deep in the mountains of western North Carolina, a local winemaker is trying to figure out how he’s going to handle the problem of stopping the mafia from using bulk wine carriers to smuggle illegal items from Europe to the US.

Marshall Craig, M.D. is a retired surgeon turned winemaker who also happens to be the author of the Dr. Kyle Chandler thriller series, the latest of which is Hidden Agendas (February 8, White Bird Publications).

Drawing upon his knowledge and experience from over 30 years as a trauma, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon and his current passion and second career as winemaker and vineyard manager at Banner Elk Winery & Villa, Craig continues the story of hard-working hero Dr. Kyle Chandler in his series of medical suspense thrillers. Book One in the series, Cut to the Chase, also features Dr. Kyle Chandler, but each novel easily reads as a standalone story. The series is inspired by some of Craig’s wildest stories and most colorful characters from his previous medical career (names have been changed to protect the innocent, of course – and HIPPAA).

With quick-witted characters and non-stop action, Hidden Agendas starts with trauma surgeon Dr. Kyle Chandler preparing for a medical symposium in London, when he is contacted by Ian Griffin, who runs a private investigation firm. Because of Dr. Chandler’s involvement in a previous antiques investigation case, Ian asks him to look into a new case while in London. In addition, Dr. Chandler is asked a favor by a friend to inquire about bulk wine shipments from Europe to the United States while he’s in London. The busy surgeon reluctantly agrees to both requests.

During his time in England, Dr. Chandler stumbles on a mysterious system of product smuggling to the United States. As Dr .Chandler’s investigation continues in New York, then back to his home in Kansas City, he realizes that he faces a powerful, complex network involving organized crime.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chandler tries to determine where he stands with his girlfriend, Caroline Martinelli, an attractive and successful antiques dealer whose intelligence and quick wit fuel his interest in her. As he pursues this web of illegal product distribution, escalating threats to him (and the beautiful Caroline) reveal the truth – and the truth nearly costs him his life.

In a climactic ending, Kyle’s inquiry leads him to a showdown with the organized crime don. Using his persistence to expose the smuggling scheme while protecting himself and his girlfriend, will the proverbial David overcome Goliath in this thriller?

Marshall Craig is already working on Book Three of the Dr. Kyle Chandler thriller series, which promises to take readers deeper into his budding relationship with Caroline, and of course will have some twists and turns that will keep readers up all night.

Hidden Agendas will be featured on a virtual book tour during the week of February 7-11, visiting book clubs, spotlight blog posts, author interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and posts from social media influencers across the county. Follow D. Marshall Craig on Instagram and Facebook at @dmarshallcraigbooks. More about D. Marshall Craig and the Dr. Kyle Chandler thriller series at Hidden Agendas is available from and booksellers everywhere.


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